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Miraculous Miguel
Miguel is a determined 18 year old young man who suffered serious injuries at the hands of a drunk driver. He has been in the hospital for nearly a year and will undergo life-threatening surgery to repair his abdomen which has been outside of his body since the accident. Miguel's phone was his link to his family and friends but was damaged. Because of the kindness of the extraordinary AT&T, they hand-delivered a new Gold Galaxy S7 Edge Cell Phone with an Otter Box Case to Miguel in the hospital and spent time with his family.

Classy Caitlin!
Caitlin is a beautiful 20 year old young lady who suffers from Down Syndrome and Alopecia. She is able to attend high school and spends time in the community and tried to live an active life. She always took pride in her long thick hair, but recently developed Alopecia resulting in her baldness. Always positive, Caitlin tearfully expressed to her mother that she wishes she had her long hair back. Granted Wish was able to provide her with two beautiful wigs which she proudly wears with a bright smile!

First And Goal With D'Andre
D’Andre is a 25 year old young man who suffers from Spina Bifida. He is wheelchair bound, has a trach and also suffers from seizures. D’Andre is developmentally delayed and requires nursing support for his care. He enjoys watching sports on TV but his favorite is football and his beloved team, the Cleveland Browns. Granted Wish and the Browns provided D’Andre and his family the experience of a lifetime while attending a game. He received VIP Treatment and a pre-game sideline experience as well as meeting his favorite players and coaches! He even was able to spend time in the Press Box with Browns ​Play by Play Radio Announcer, Jim Donovan!

For The Love Of Kassi
Kassandra is beautiful 15 year old suffers from Hydrocephalus, Congenital CMN, Congenital spastic Quadriparesis and Chronic Nocturnal Respitory Failure. Kassi requires a nurse to help her single mom and also has 2 loving brothers. She enjoys being in different environments and see new things. Granted Wish helped Kassi's mom give Kassi al new environment to see in Washington DC.see all the sights she could by aiding with the transportation and food for their road trip.

Soaring With The Seahawks
Zac is an 18 year old young man suffering from Brainstem Encephalitis. This unfortunate disease causes double vision and pulmonary distress. Zac loves the Seattle Seahawks but was never able to attend a game. As he started his recovery, Granted Wish provided him the opportunity to attend a sold out Seahawks game, a pregame sideline tour and fields passes that he enjoyed with his family!

Michelle P. Come On Down!
Michelle is a lovely 19 year old intelligent young woman who suffers from Metatrophic Dysplasia and is Wheelchair bound. She has the ability to assess her own quality of life and her disability has not diminished her hopes and dreams to attend college and have a job. Her wish was to see a live taping of The Price Is Right Game Show. Granted Wish was able to obtain sold-out tickets to the live taping in Cleveland, OH where Michelle had the time of her life!

An Adventure With Aric
This lovable 22 year old suffers from Cerebral Palsy and a Brain Aneurysm. 
Aric is wheelchair bound and unable to care for himself. He absolutely loves the WWE and just wanted to see a an event. Granted Wish provided Aric and his family with VIP Tickets to the Live Holiday Tour and a special Meet and Greet with his favorite wrestlers!

A First Down For Matthew
Matthew is a 24 year old young man suffering from Juvenile Huntington Disease. (A terminal brain disorder) Sadly, this disease causes Matt to have uncontrollable muscle tics wish results in imbalance, slurred speech and difficulty swallowing. His wish was to see a Carolina Panthers game. Granted Wish provided tickets and an overnight stay at the Residence Inn as well as Field Passes for the Pre-Game Warm-Up! Matthew also received a care package from the Panthers filled with memorabilia and an autographed football from Cam Newton!

Cleveland's 'Jolly' Good Time
Cleveland is a delightful 14 year old boy who suffers from Quadriplegia and Cerebral Palsy. He is dependent on his mother and sister as his caregivers since he is unable to eat by mouth or ambulate in any way. Cleveland can vocalize but is unable to verbalize. He simply loves the circus! Granted Wish provided front row seats to the UniverSoul  where he was able to enjoy the Greatest Show On Earth!

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December's Dream
This precious 5 year old suffers from Spina Bifida, Clubbed Feet, Hip Dysplasia and Caudel Regression Syndrome. December is a "daddy's girl" and absolutely loves watching wrestling with him and wanted to see the wrestlers in person with her daddy. December's wish came true when she attended a WWE Event and received the VIP treatment when meeting the wrestlers and spending time with them!

A 'Blaze' Of Glory
Blaze is a 21 year old young man suffering from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. He has completed 2 years of chemo and radiation, but now deals with side effects of jerking arms and legs. His dream was to see his favorite team, the New York Jets. Blaze even wore the Jets team jersey during each round of chemo. Granted Wish was able to provide him and his family with a special VIP Package where he was invited to the Coaches Club and watched the game from 5 yards behind the bench!

A Touchdown For Brian
Brian is a 25 year old young man suffering from the terminal illness, Pelizaeus-Mertzbacher Disease. He is wheelchair bound and recently lost his beloved brother to the same illness. He receives his daily living needs from his beloved mother. A huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan, he just wanted to see the famous Heinz Field. Granted Wish was able to arrange a private tour of Heinz Field as well as a weekend stay at Hyatt Place Pittsburgh-North Shore Hotel, where he and his mom will get to enjoy the city of Pittsburgh!

The Few, The Proud,
The Brave Marine
18 year old Brandon was a 7th generation military marine. While in boot camp, he became sick and was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  Brandon underwent a host of treatments and procedures, each having their ups and downs.  Devastated about his military career, his family just wanted him to feel like a kid again Granted Wish was able to send Brandon and his family to Disney's Give Kids The World Village where they spent 7 days enjoying the village, Disney World and each other!

Wrestling With Westin
Westin is a dynamite 20 year old young man suffering from Bone Cancer. A partial leg bone removal has left him wheelchair bound. Westin was always a fan of the WWE and John Cenaand looked to his idol for inspiration. Westin's wish came true when Granted Wish arranged for him to attend a WWE Raw Event and meet the great John Cena in person!

The Dream Runner
Desmond is an extraordinary young man who was born with a birth defect in his knee which caused his left leg to be amputated at 9 months. His disability never held him back from anything. He began running and became the youngest member of the U.S. Paralympic Track & Field Team who represented the U.S. in Rio. He competed in the 100m, 200m and Long Jump. Desmond received an autographed football from his hero, Cam Newton and attended a game up close and personal of the NBA World Champions, Cleveland Cavaliers!

A Few Of The Extraordinary Faces of A Granted Wish

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