a)  All Wish Applications are reviewed for eligibility and compliance. 
                b)  If the nominee and/or sports wish request does not meet our eligibility and criteria guidelines, you will receive a response
                     within a few business days stating we are unable to consider your request. 

                    c)  The required Medical Authorization Form must be compelted by the treating physician. That form and the Nominee's Photo
                     must be received within two weeks of the application submission in order for your wish to be considered. If more time is
                     needed, you must contact us to request and extension, otherwise your wish will be closed.


                a)  While every effort will be made to grant the considered wishes, the wish is ultimately dependent on the compliance,
                     availability and arrangements with the sports entities. These requests are at the mercy of each entity and/or their
                     management team or organization, including whether or not they respond to our requests.

                b)  While we always consider the entire wish requested, we may not always be able to accommodate every aspect of the wish. 
                     (i.e. transportation) 

                c)  You will be kept informed of the status of the wish. The process can take up to a few months depending on the
                     compliance of the sports entity/management team.

                d)  Only immediate family members of the nominee are eligible for consideration to accompany them if the wish involves
                     attending an event or travel. 


               a)  If your wish is being considered but we are unable to grant it, we are not able to consider a second request due to the
                    numerous requests we receive.

Our Wish Granting Process And Compliance

Due to the number of wish requests received,
There is approximately a one-year waiting list for wishes to be considered.  
At this time, we are not accepting any new applications.
The Wish Request Application will become available 
when we are able to begin accepting wishes again.
​Thank You.

                                        330-244-WISH  info@grantedwish.org 
7749 Supreme Ave. NW | North Canton, OH 44220

Wish Granting Process