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Reinventing Rosalie's House
With Reamy Painting, LLC

Reamy Painting's owner Pat Reamy and his team epitomize the words, "Giving Back." Rosalie's House is a Granted Wish Program where we offer a fully furnished house to low-income families in serious need of shelter at a low rental cost. Rosalie's is nearly a hundred year old house that requires major upkeep. Enter Reamy Painting. Pat and his team offered their services and materials at no cost to Granted Wish to "reinvent" the outside of the house and garage by painting, power washing and making necessary repairs. We are truly grateful for their kindness. 

To see the transformation, we invite you to visit our friends on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/ReamyPainting. ​You can also visit their website at: www.cantonprofessionalpainter.com.

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