Our Eligibility Requirements For Wish Nominees

Eligibility Requirements

eligibility Requirements:

     1.  The Nominee must be between the ages of 5 - 25 at the time the application is submitted and a resident of the United States
     2.  The Nominee must be diagnosed with a physical challenge by a physician
3.  ​The Nominee must be 18 to nominate themselves
     4.  Intellectual Disabilities and certiain disorders do not fall within our criteria of what we accept as physically challenged (See List Below) 
     5.  Wish requests must directly benefit and enrich the life of the physically challenged nominee
     6.  Wish applications may only contain one wish request for the nominee
     7.  The requester must specify the exact sports wish for the nominee; our organization does not choose the wish    
     8.  The required Medical Authorization Form and the Nominee's Photo must be received before qualified wish requests will be considered
     9.  The Nominee may not have received a wish by another wish granting organization at any time
.  The Nominee or family of the nominee, may not have had a prior wish request submitted to our organization, whether granted or not  


     1.  Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorder                                                                                                
     2.  Asperger Syndrome
     3.  Diabetes
     4.  Asthma
     5.  Bipolar Disorder      
     6.  Depression Disorders                                                                 
     7.  Psychological Disorders  
     8.  Learning Disabilities or Behavioral Issues                                            
     9.  ADHD/ADD
   10Anxiety Disorders
.  Eating Disorders
   12.  Alcohol & Substance Abuse/Dependence
   Please Note:  This list is an example and no way indicative of every potential intellectual disability or disorder. Any applications that
   are submitted 
that fall into these types of categories will be evaluated for eligibility.  

                                        330-244-WISH  info@grantedwish.org 
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