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  1. 1.   Wishes are considered that will enrich the lives of physically challenged children and young adults
  2. 2.   The age of the Nominee shall be 25 years of age or younger
  3. 3.   The Nominee may not have received a wish by another wish granting organization
  4. 4.   Nominations are limited to one (1) wish per individual/family
  5. 5.   If Nominee's initial wish is not accepted, the requester may not re-submit another wish request
  6. 6.   The wish requester must be a resident of the United States

  1. 1.   The Wish Fulfillment Team reviews all qualified applications that include all required information
  2. 2.   If your wish is being considered further, research will begin
  3. 3.   After research, the Board of Governors reviews the requests still being considered and votes on the wishes that will be granted
  4. 4.   Every application, whether being considered or not, will receive a reply
  5. 5.   Response time for wishes not being considered can range from a few days to one week
  6. 6.   Response time for wishes under consideration may take up to a few months or longer depending on the wish itself and the
  7.       research required

  1. 1.   Medical Information: MUST be provided by a Qualified Healthcare Professional on their business stationery:
  2. a)   Nominee's Name and Age
  3. b)   Nominee's Diagnosis and Prognosis Only
  4. c)   If this Wish Involves LONG DISTANCE TRAVEL: A note stating the Nominee is medically cleared for travel

  5. 2.   If a Household Service is being requested, you must include an official quote for the price of the service
  6. 3.   If possible, please submit a photo of the nominee, preferably by email.

  1. 1.   You can complete the form directly Online or Print a Copy by clicking on the link and mailing it in
  2. 2.   Answer all required information that is only applicable to your wish.
  3. 3.   We suggest you obtain any required documents first before submitting the application. If you do not, all required documents must be
  4.        received within ONE WEEK of submitting your application.

  5. 4.   How To Send Required Documents:
  6. a)   Email: be a .PDF Format). Subject Line:"Wish Request Documents For John Doe"             
  1. b)   Fax: 330-244-6016
  2. c)   Mail: The Granted Wish Foundation 3923 Everhard Rd. NW Canton, OH 44709

Important Note Regarding Wish Requests: While we always consider the entire wish requested, please be aware that we are not always able to accommodate every aspect of the wish if it is chosen to be granted.

* = required information

*Nominee's Name:      *Phone:   
*Nominee's Address:   
*City:     *State:     *Zip:   
*Your Name:      *Phone:   
*Your Address:   
*City:   *State:     *Zip:   
*Age of the Nominee:   (Nominees must be 25 years of age or younger)
*What is the physical challenge of the nominee?
*What is the exact wish you are requesting for the nominee? (please be specific)
*Briefly describe the nominee's need for this wish and/or why they deserve it:
What are the ages and relationships of the household members who live with the nominee?
Does the nominee or family they are living with receive any governmental financial assistance?
IF YOUR WISH REQUEST INVOLVES TRAVEL: (if not applicable, leave blank)
Are you able to provide your own transportation?                               Yes       No
If NO, how many people need transportation? (List names & ages)
If an overnight stay is involved, do you have accommodations?           Yes       No
If NO, how many people need accommodations? (List names & ages)
(Note: If you live within reasonable driving distance, you may be asked to provide your own transportation)

Important Information Regarding Celebrity, Athlete, Concerts & Sports Team Requests:  Wish fulfillment of these types of wishes is also dependent on the compliance, availability and arrangements with the celebrity, athlete or sports team. These requests are at the mercy of the celebrity and management. Response time may be even greater.

While we attempt to fulfill your entire request, that is not always possible and is at the sole discretion of these entities and what they can provide for us. Please also note that we cannot bring a celebrity of any kind to a personal residence.
1. How many people need to attend the meeting or event? (List names & ages)
2. If the Celebrity, Athlete or Tickets to the Concert or Sports Team Event are unavailable, will you accept a POSSIBLE Personalized Autographed Photo or Phone Call in place of a meeting or event?

(Please answer this question honestly. We have no control over Celebrities or Athletes availability or compliance to our requests. This includes tickets to sporting events. However, if they are unavailable, we attempt to fulfill the request in some way, but only if the nominee is willing to accept an alternative other than a personal meeting or attending the concert or sporting event. Please be aware there is still no guarantee of their compliance.)
YES, I am willing to accept an alternative if the celebrity or Athlete is unavailable to meet me, or if I cannot attend the concert or sporting event.
NO, I am only interested in meeting the celebrity or athlete if they are available or attending the concert or sporting event in person.
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*Required Documentation
I will be sending my Required Documentation within 1 week of submitting this Wish Request. I have read the three options in the above Application Instructions regarding “How To Send Required Documents.” I agree to notify the Granted Wish Offices if I cannot submit my Required Documentation within one week. I understand that if I do not comply to the guidelines, my Wish Request will not be considered further.