How Wishes Are Granted

Who can apply for a Granted Wish?

The Granted Wish Foundation may grant wishes to individuals and/or families of all ages that fall under one of our two mission categories: Disadvantaged or Disabled. Anyone may nominate an individual or family they feel is deserving of a wish.

How are wishes granted?

There are four steps to granting a wish:

1. Qualification: Every nomination received is thoroughly read and screened to determine if it falls into one of our mission categories and if it is a wish we will consider.

2. Additional Information Request: If your wish is being considered, you will be sent an Additional Information Request Packet through postal mail. This packet is specific to your wish and contains detailed instructions on what is required which may include medical or financial documentation for example. Information must be received within five weeks from the date on your packet.

3. Research & Verification: Upon receiving all the required additional information requested, all documents and information are verified and in-depth research on the wish begins for further consideration.

4. Board of Governors Approval: After the first three steps are completed, our Board of Governors reviews all qualified requests that are being considered and determines which wishes will be granted.

What kind of wishes do you grant?

We consider all types of wishes including, to have a celebrity touch someone's life, the chance to travel to a special place, or an item you may need to make your life easier. (Monetary requests are only paid to the creditor and not an individual.)

If my wish is being considered or granted, will everything I requested be included?

While we always consider the entire request of a qualified wish, every aspect requested regarding the wish may or may not be fulfilled.

How long can I expect to wait before knowing if my wish has been selected?

Every effort is made to respond to each request in a timely manner. However, some requests may take longer depending on the nature of the wish, and the research and verification needed. Every wish will receive an answer.

Can I ask for more than one wish when I apply?

No. We only accept one wish per individual/family with each nomination.

Who is not eligible to apply for a Granted Wish?

1. Anyone who has received a wish from another wish-granting organization is not eligible.

2. If your original wish was not granted, you may not submit a new request for a different wish.

3. We only accept one wish per individual/family.

If my wish request is not being considered, will I be notified?

Yes. Every wish request, whether granted or not, will receive a response either through e-mail or postal mail. Please be sure your e-mail is set to receive correspondence from The Granted Wish Foundation so it does not go into your spam folder.

Will my Granted Wish request get processed faster if I call The Granted Wish Foundation Office or mail it in?

No. All wishes, no matter how they are submitted, will be handled in the same manner.

Do I have to donate in order to request a Granted Wish?

No. Whether you make a donation or not does not affect your request with The Granted Wish Foundation.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes. The Granted Wish Foundation is a non-profit organization registered with the State of Ohio and has IRC 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status granted by the IRS.


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